Ode to Subspace

You know that you’re already here

When you can clearly hear

That random/favorite song of yours

Stashed in your ipod; Simultaneous with

The ongoing conversations

from the other bubbles

without popping your very own;

The mechanical hum of the

coffeemaker next to the soft ding

of the toaster; and the silent prayer

of a fan-girl, finding her sacred place

amidst the bustling city.

You know that you’re already here

when you’ve finally put off

the weight that you’ve been heaving on your stiff shoulders-

that ultra-thin Macbook that carries not only your life

but others as well; and that big pink purse containing

the basics of social survival- a shield of compact powder and

arsenals of lipsticks- blurred and forgotten after short whiffs

of the hot purple latte.

You know that you’re already here

When you’ve stepped inside and realized

That yes, yes…

You are finally home.


*All photos taken from subspacecoffee.tumblr.com. THEY ARE NOT MINE. Can’t put captions on the photos because something’s wrong with my WordPress.