Andrea Gibson: A Letter to the Playground Bully, From Andrea, Age 8 1/2

I came over this poem while I was mulling over this. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t updated for such a long time, it is because I am busy being a student teacher (If you want to know the other side of my coin, you can check my other blog). Irony is, I’m supposed to teach Literature but since there are no intern openings for a litt-teacher-wannabe, I end up teaching language. It is kinda fun though the curriculum is bit dry of good ol’ poetry. I mean, the closest touchdown I had was a ┬árun-down of sonnet structures. So it feels good to have my first love back, reading/listening stuffs from other poets. And obviously, Andrea Gibson is my current favorite.

I wasn’t too much appreciative when I first heard her- she has a style of talking too fast. But I guess, everything resolves itself at its right time. In case you also have a problem catching up, here’s a written copy of the piece.