Have I known sooner that the gods would be playing a trick on us, I would have killed you, Enkidu.

Right there at the family house before I see myself in your eyes.

Before you see yourself in mine.

But it’s already too late. I could’ve chosen to stay inside my house, alone in my musings and thoughts. Or I could’ve gone to my mother, Ninsun, and wonder about my dreams and visions

Of falling stars that shine brighter than the daylight;

Of thousand daggers that pierce the heart that I once thought was stronger than any other city walls;

Of you.

But it was too late, my folly and pride have not only destroyed the city that we’ve cherished, but have also destroyed you

And my heart that is built on your existence.


I’ve destroyed both of us. Sent us to ruins.


And there is nothing for me to do, nothing for me to reverse what time and fate have decreed; Nothing that would make you rise from the slumber that has already settled around your eyes.

Not even love could bridge this infinite gap between our dimensions. For love should take on a body- but yours is already gone- eaten by worms. Its firmness now only as chaff. Its might, now only a story to be told.

Maybe, I thought, If I could not reverse the will of the gods, I could at least do something to counter it. Meet it eye to eye- just as you met mine, when the same old gods tried to counter my very own existence.

Mortals are not forbidden to try.

But I still do not know how to do it, my Enkidu. Lend me your strength. Bring me again to the brink of uncertainty. Though you are not divine, I have always considered you immortal in my heart.

And by living, I shall preserve your existence. 


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