Never seek me inside secluded coffee shops. It’s a place where I cry my heart out.

Just wait for me outside with an umbrella at hand. It might still be raining.

Look for me around bookstores and libraries- the attendants already know me by name but you’ll only find me if you know me by my favorite titles.

Just in case I’m not there, a short text would cover the distance between you and me.

Send me quotes of your favorite paragraphs. I’ll reply with poems where the verses serve as little landmarks of where I’ve been.

It’s one of the reasons why I always complete the letters in my SMS. I don’t do so often with my sentences.

You see, sentences are like the gaps in between my fingers. It’s there for you to fill them.

Remember that I’m not into postscripts. But when I do, know that they are more important than the actual body of my text.

Don’t panic when I don’t answer my messages. Attempt to call.

Because sometimes, my body is just too slow to pace with my feelings; but oftentimes, I’m just plain broke.

Don’t be self-assured though. There are times when I decide not to answer your calls. If that happens, just put your phone on stand-by. Remember that I’m no Superwoman. But I’ll return in good time.

While I’m away, don’t use my profile picture as your cellphone’s wallpaper. Don’t even print it as a poster to wallpaper that gaping hole in your room. You’re only shortchanging yourself for the real deal.

It’s better that I vanish into thin air than leave you a concrete memento of my existence. For when I do, you know that I’m not coming back- I’m already off to somewhere more magical. Follow my scent like how you tell me to follow my heart. We’ll see each other again.

And when you finally find me, don’t double-check by trying to fit into me those glass slippers. I’ve thrown them away for a good reason.

Know that the real me is always barefooted.

Open the car door for me even if my feet are muddied. For I am not made of steel and concrete.

Actually, there are more places that we can go to without that fast car of yours.

You can take me to the seaside, for example, and we can build and repair sandcastles for us to live in. It wouldn’t last long though. But it will be enough for what a moment requires.

During that time, I’d let you buy for me presents- NOT from luxury stores but from animal charities.

For like stray cats and street dogs, we have both been bruised and battered. And once upon a time we also dared to dream for a place we would like to call home.

I’d name the pets after our forgotten childhood nicknames- an attempt to redeem the things we have lost back then.

And when they die- for we will surely outlive them- send me paper cranes folded from old newspapers, reminding me that I’m still dreaming in this present reality.


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